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 The QuickPool Portable Pools. These Pools Feature Durable Krylor Liners and Heavy Duty Galvanized steel (rectangle) or Aluminum Poles and Tees (rounds). These Pools are the most durable pools available. One of the first and one of the best. These pools have been discontinued but they are still lovely pools and we will cover them for 90 days to insure you have received a good quality pool. These pools have been set up all over the country and are still providing the perfect backyard fun. once selling for a thousand dollars or more above our sale price, now is the time to jump into this bargain.


Quickpool Portable Pools come complete with ladder, pump and filter, skimmer, and all necessary plumbing. Everything you need to get it set up and ready for swimming (except the water)

Available in Round and Rectangles

Size Sale Package
20ft round 1599.97
24ft round 1799.97
9ft x 17ft 1299.97
13ft x 21ft 1599.97




  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Frame

  • A Baked Enamel Coating

  • No Rust Producing Welds

  • 35 mil thick liner

  • Triple reinforced openings

  • Liner Storage Back and carrying handles

  • Low intrusion Surface Skimmer

  • 2 season Limited Warranty

Off Shore and International Shipping Available

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