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ThomsonTec has improved on a proven theory of copper-silver ion water purification (mineral purification) and offers the highest quality, most effective copper-silver ionization water purification system on the market. For home swimming pools and spas; commercial water fountains, spas, and public swimming pools


98% Less Chemicals in your pool with the Copper Silver Diode Technology


Ion Water Purifier Systems

How it Works: This is a very basic explanation of how copper and silver work. Both have some algaecidal and bactericidal properties. Copper has the ability to pierce the protective outer membrane of a cell and disrupt enzyme balance, as well as allowing other bactericides and algaecides access to the susceptible parts of the organism.
Silver is effective because of its capabilities of interfering with DNA production and accelerating the death phase. Although lethal to bacteria and algae, this process is completely safe to humans. A multitude of scientific tests have been done showing the effectiveness of copper-silver ion systems in different areas including swimming pool and spa applications.

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