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Above Ground Pools Sand Filters


We have put our buying power to the best use for you when we purchased these sand filters. Through a large lot purchase direct from the manufacturer we were able to buy these quality filters at an extremely low price, and we are ready to pass our savings on to you. Compare The MFG's Recommended retail price (and other Internet merchant's price) and the price we are able to offer you. Another proof, that we are the above ground pool experts.

Above Ground Pools Sand filters will keep your pool sparkling clean.  Of the three types of filters available, Sand, Cartridge,  and Diatomaceous Earth, Sand Filters are by far the easiest to maintain while not filtering to quite the micron level as cartridge or D/E

Above Ground Pools Sand Filters
Model Size   lbs of Sand Motor Size Valve Pos Filter And Multiport Valve Complete Motor Filter And Multiport Valve
S400 16inch A 90 3/4hp top $305.00 $425.00
S450 18inch B 135 1hp top $335.00 $455.00
S500 20inch C 200 1hp top $385.00 $535.00
S600 24inch D 310 2hp Super Pump top $535.00 $734.00
S700 28inch E 440 2hp Super Pump top $785.00 $1035.00
S750 30inch F 485 2hp Super Pump top $835.00 $1185.00
S900Top 36inch G 800 2hp Super Pump top $1245.00 $1495.00
S900Side 36inch H 800 2hp Super Pump side $1245.00 1495.00

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