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  • Easy ring lock cover allows simple no tool cartridge cleaning
  • Complete trap assembly on all packs for full self priming
  • High performance cartridge filter
  • Deluxe hair & lint pot strainer
  • Easy maintenance cartridge just hose off with water
  • Operates with auto-cleaning systems
  • Energy efficient pumps deliver superior turnover rates
  • Reinforced polyester filter with 20 micron rating
  • Full 2 year service warranty
  • UL approved
  • Pressure tested system
  • Quick dismounts
  • All fittings pre-plumbed
  • Hose clamp fittings

Above Ground Pools Cartridge filters will keep your pool sparkling clean.  Of the three types of filters available, Sand, Cartridge,  and Diatomaceous Earth, Cartridges filter better than sand, and are easier to maintain than D/E

Horse Power / Filter Capacity Price  
1.0 HP   50sqft Capacity

72 Gallons per minute




1HP 1.5 hp  100sqft Capacity

95 Gallons per minute


1.5 hp  200sqft Capacity

95 Gallons per minute



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