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Above Ground Pool Covers

Solar Covers float on the water keeping out debrid and adding up to 5 degrees of temperature to your above ground pools. They are also great for keep heat in.  These are perfect for everyday use, because the roll on and off with ease, when you are ready to swim

Winter Covers Are great for closing the pool for longer periods of time, the seal the pool tight and cinch down with a metal cable and turn buckle.  They provide top resistance to all airborne algae and dust and will keep your pool (with winterizing chemicals) in top condition through the winter, until your ready to swim again.



Solar Covers
Above Ground Pools Covers

Heavy-duty polyethylene material works with the sun to catch and retain heat. Helps raise the water temperature by absorbing sunlight during the day and retaining the heat at night, extending the pool season. Can raise temperature aprox. 10 degrees during the day  and loss at night is about 1 degree instead of 6 to 8 degrees without a cover.  Savings come from a reduction in water evaporation. Material is highly resistant to ultraviolet rays which inhibits deterioration. 


Size                  Price
12ft $34.97
15ft $46.97
16ft $54.97
18ft $59.97
21ft $74.97
24ft $99.97
27ft $109.97
28ft $119.97
10x15  $59.97
12x18 $65.97
12x20 $70.97
12x21 $79.97
12x24 $89.97
12x28 $94.97
12x32 $98.97
14x28 $102.97
15x25 $105.97
15x27            $110.97
15x30 $115.97
16x24 $120.97
16x25            $121.97
16x30            $130.97
16x32 $132.97
16x34            $135.97
16x36 $140.97
16x40 $145.97
18x30            $150.97
18x32            $159.97
18x33 $162.97
18x34 $165.97
18x36 $170.97
18x40 $175.97

Solar Cover Reels   $199.99

Winter Covers

Above Ground Pools Covers
  • Keeps junk out of your pool
  • Installs in a snap!
  • Includes Turnbuckle and rubber coated steel cable!
  • 8' Pillows available to keep rain from collecting (available separately for $7.99 each)


Size Price
12ft Round $34.97
15ft Round $39.97
18ft Round $44.97
21ft Round $54.97
24ft Round $59.97
27ft Round $84.97
30ft Round $89.97
33ft Round $99.97
10ft x 16ft $49.97
10ft x 21ft $59.97
12ft x 18ft $79.97
12ft x 24ft $89.97
15ft x 24ft $99.97
15ft x 30ft $102.97
16ft x 26ft $105.97
16ft x 30ft $107.97
18ft x 33ft $129.97
18ft x 38ft $159.97
18ft x 44ft $179.97

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