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Automatic Pool Sweeps are the heaven sent helpers for people who are looking to reduce their maintenance hours and increase their swimming enjoyment hours. Instead of the back breaking endless job of vacuuming your pool, these little darlings will do the job for you. At the end of your swimming time, merely plug these units into your skimmer and let them do all the work for you.

The leisure vac will do bottom and walls

The starfish focuses solely on the bottom.

Automatic Pool Sweeps The Leisure Vac

Automatic Pool Cleaner

$249.99 (With Pool Purchases)


  The Leisure Vac

  • Climbs Walls  Ready For Use in 15 Minutes

  • Use your own Filtration System (3/4hp motor) no booster pump needed

  • Easy to Install, no tools needed    suitable for above ground pools or in ground pools

  • Comes with 32 feet of Hose

We highly recommend this Cleaner over the "better name brands (Barracuda and Polaris), whose makers do not allow returns and adjustments are made through factory only

cleaner The Quick Star Fish

Automatic Pool Cleaner


Automatic Pool Cleaner

For the best in simplicity and performance in automatic pool cleaning, try the Starfish Auto Cleaner. It works when your pump runs using your pool's existing filtration system to remove from dust to leaves

Features: The Starfish quickly attaches to your pool skimmer in minutes, so it can start vacuuming your pool today! The Starfish works in flat bottom pools. It cleans using a true random-pattern coverage that ensures that every inch of your pool's floor is vacuumed thoroughly. The Starfish requires virtually no maintenance. There are no wheels or gears to jam or wear out, no bags to empty. Comes with 32ft of Hose

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