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Jammin' Splash  Pools are built with the best reinforced Poly Vinyl with a cross hatched woven fibers. The frame is constructed of strong powder coated  steel  for maximum sturdiness and safety. If you're looking for a soft sided above ground pool be sure to compare the Jammin' Splash Pools price and quality to any other pool available... We're very sure you'll quickly see the quality design and quality offered by Jamin' Splash Pools.


Rhino Hide Tough Liner

Reinforced Three Level  liner that is 35 mil thick nominally 31 x 31 embedded scrim and a reinforced collar PVC liner. Compare to one layer reinforced 28mil product like Big Box Store Pools.

This pool has been used  in many water storage applications for the US Forestry Service and The US Military Service because of it's tough liner.

Jammin' Splash Pool



    Sells Elsewhere For
    12ft x 22ft x 52in 8712 3549.99
    12ft x 32ft x 52in 12672 3699.99
    12ft x 40ft x 52in 15840 4299.99
    20ft x 52in Round 10384 2999.99

    Pool Construction

    • Quality design features
    • Made with super strong and sturdy reinforced PVC
    • Galvanized Powder Steel Support Frame
    • Puncture Resistant


    • Comes with:
    • Pump and Filter Combo
    • Ladder
    • Plumbing



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