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The tough Diamond 54 Above Ground pools pool frame consists of a wide, 8-inch extruded resin ledge, together with a 7-inch extruded resin post and completed with a three-piece injection molded resin top and post collar.

The supporting frame features a durable, extruded resin bottom track with injection molded resin lower post collar and bottom connector. All of this adds up to a pool that will give you sustainable fun for decades to come! And at 54 inches deep you'll be up to your ears in fun. So relax and enjoy a day by the pool. You8ve earned it.

The Diamond 52 Above Ground Pools come complete with ladder, pump and filter, skimmer, and all necessary plumbing. Everything you need to get it sep up and ready for swimming (except the water)

Available in Round and Ovals
Size Cash or Check Price Credit Card Price
12ft x 54in Round $2099.97 $2269.97
15ft x 54in Round $2299.97 $2479.97
18ft x 54in Round $2709.97 $2909.97
21ft x 54in Round $3119.97 $3339.97
24ft x 54in Round $3599.97 $3839.97
27ft x 54in Round $3999.97 $4259.97
30ft x 54in Round $4299.97 $4579.97
33ft x 54in Round $4699.97 $4999.97


  • 54 inch hot dipped galvanized venetian wall with krystal kote

  • 8 inch 3 piece extruded resin covers.

  • 8 inch extruded resin ledges.

  • Extruded Resin bottom track

  • Injection Molded resin bottom connector

  • Extruded resin top and bottom collars

  • 7 inch posts

  • Frame color: Kahki Polyester coating with Krystal Kote

  • Lifetime warranty on resin components

  • 3/30 year warranty on steel components.

Diamond 54 Above Ground Pools Diamond 54 Above Ground Pools

Off Shore and International Shipping Available

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