Canterbury 54 Above Ground Pools

Canterbury Above Ground Pools

Canterbury Above Ground Pools have become a symbol of quality and style in the above ground swimming pool market. The vinyl shield coated galvanized steel frame and Cristex Coated galvanized steel wall earned this pool the prestigious “Seal of Approval” from the Rust-Oleum® Corporation for its superior metal protection. It’s beautiful design will add style, luxury and quality to your backyard.

Canterbury Above Ground Pools come complete with ladder, pump and filter, skimmer, and all necessary plumbing. Everything you need to get it sep up and ready for swimming (except the water)

Size Cash or Check Price Credit Card Price
12ft x 52in Round $2049.97 $1869.97
15ft x 52in Round $2299.97 $2029.97
18ft x 52in Round $2449.97 $2689.97
21ft x 52in Round $2749.97 $2909.97
24ft x 52in Round $2949.97 $3119.97
27ft x 52in Round $3549.97 $3749.97
30ft x 52in Round $3849.97 $4069.97
33ft x 52in Round $4249.97 $4379.97
12ft x 18ft x 52in Oval $2749.97 $2909.97
12ft x 24ft x 52in Oval $3249.97 $3429.97
15ft x 24ft x 52in Oval $3399.97 $3589.97
15ft x 30ft x 52in Oval $3869.97 $4079.97
18ft x 33ft x 52in Oval $4349.97 $4579.97
18ft x 45ft x 52in Oval $5549.97 $5749.97



Pool Equipment

Resin Ladder

Cartridge Filter

20 Mil Overlap Liner



Yucatan Detail


Pool Name: Canterburt Wall Height: 54 Pool Type: Hybrid
Wall Type: Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel Panel: No Warranty: 50
Ledge Size: 7 Ledge Type: Resin Upright Size: 6
Rail Type: Resin Upper Connector Type: Resin Rail Size: Resin
Lower Connector Type: Resin Connector Cover Type: Resin Foot Cover Type: Resin
Hardware Type: Stainless     Upright Count: 9